2009. június 10., szerda

Sportklub Csíkszereda

The Sportklub is the bigest ice hockey team from Romania, and it is the hockey team of Csíkszereda.

The Sapientia University

Our university is the pride of town.

The centre

The centre of our town, called The Petőfi street.


The Bandido's, one of the bigest restaurants from Csíkszereda, with the best pizza from Romania :)

Extasy club

This is also the place where can go the students from Csíkszereda's university, Sapientia, every week.

Seklerburg- The town of party-time

There are a lot of clubs, discos, restaurants, pubs.

Maybe the bigest club from Csíkszereda is the CLUB 76


2. The Mikó-fortresse